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Established in 2005, we at Landson Realty, have completed over 135 plotting projects and have developed over 10 million sq. ft. in 3 states and 6 cities across India in the last 9 years. The company was founded and built by people who firmly believe in hard work, trust and clarity of transactions.

Honest corporation

We pride ourselves in providing a completely legal and clear title property only. Being in real estate business, there has not been a single case of dispute in the history of our company. We believe in helping our customers in achieving their dream of owning land in the most transparent and simpleway possible.


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Landson Realty invites you to be a part of India's first of its kind User Generated Wood Revolution.

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Wealth Institute

We believe in spreading prosperity and co-creation of wealth

Not everyone understands the value chain of land . Every stage right from identifying the strategic locations, Conducting due diligence to ensuring its clear title valueadd a genuine value it.

Then begins the process of getting all the legalities of development etc. in place, developing and nurturing it Converting a boundary-less mass of earth into neatly organized, individually bordered plots within a secure gated environment with all integrated modern amenities like internal roads, lighted pathways, landscaping, separate water and sewerage pipelines in place. Making it a habitable heaven and a wealth creator for its proud owners.

Over the last few decades our strategic selection of land has given immense returns to everyone associated with us.All of our projects have shown immense growth & in many cases the investments have grown 20 to 30 times in last 3-4 years. Combination of experience ,the transparency of legalities towards the government, associates and buyers and our motto of creating wealth and happiness for all has earned us the reputation of securing the best deal for our customers.


Value Addition-Our very own world class tissue culture Laboratory

They say 'Save Forests'. They say 'Conserve Forests'. Then why not Grow Forests? Landson Realty invites you to be a part of India's first of its kind User Generated Wood Revolution. This is a unique initiative that would not just increase forestation but also create exceptional opportunities in the fast growing segment of premium teakwood. We aim to co-produce with you, premium quality branded Indian teak and supply it in the domestic and international markets.

Owning land means owning the future.

After we invest in land, generally its left barren for years till the time we decide on what do we want to do with it. We thought why not add some more value to your land and that’s when we came up with the idea of establishing our own lab for our customers, So that we can offer them a unique opportunity to make their land more valuable. Teak plantation offerings at Wood County are a value addition to your land purchase. As your land rises in value and fetches you appreciation, so do the teak trees growing on your land.


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Phone : 020-65336222
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